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Wow, seriously?

This as a whole really disappoints me.

Has newgrounds sunk so low that a sprite animation about mario dying can easily ascend to front page? So low that it can receive consistent, near perfect 10's in the review section? I don't know what the fuck is going on, if you're paying these people or what. The humor was subpar like in all sprite flashes made by children. Animation was okay but we can't credit you for that since you stole all the art assets. I'm really, really disappointed in newgrounds right now.

You're my favorite deputy

Voices were great, although the animation was a little jumpy. Had its moments but overall it wasn't anything that we haven't seen before. Maybe if it had been a little longer that might have justified the front page status but honestly I don't think this deserves it. Still, it's kind of funny so I'll give it a C. 3/5

Oh and, note to the other reviewers, stop getting mad, and stop saying that you're a 'brony'. Seriously, you people can't get stupider.

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Spazkid responds:

no offence but ive seen shitty loops make the front page.
and those were 10 frames long.


Animation's solid, but the clear abuse of unfunny memes/coolface is unforgivable. Also length. 1/5.

wolf593 responds:

ooooooook it's a trollscience animation, it has to have a troll face einstein

the lenght; it's inspired in a comic, the trollscience comics are short.

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this is less exhilarating and action packed than it is waiting for ten fucking minutes for something to die

see touhou for ways to make a bullet hell game enjoyable

cut the stupid meme shit

Mochimedia ruined the game

The concept was good, and execution was pretty nice (especially the visuals), but adding such a bloated and useless extension to the game for the sake of making a few dollars really ruined the experience for me. After I finished my first game I had to sit through the long process of waiting for the awful thing to submit a score to the scoreboard and then load yet another advertisement for me to sit through. I wasn't about to sit through that unresponsive waste of time so I simply stopped playing the game. Would be an 8/10 if not for Mochi. Rated 2/5.

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JernoBill responds:

Thank you for the review. The game is now on MindJolt and Kongregate with no extra Ads.

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wait, what?

a photograph with badly drawn on, featureless limbs and a cartoony face. extremely basic, inconsistent shading. an obnoxious signature that's almost half as big as the art itself. i don't see the aesthetic appeal in this at all.

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Great MSpaint work

I heard the mona lisa was done in MS paint as well. this comes close

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Goddamnit Zoey

Every time, Zoey, every goddamn time

Turn your flashlight off, goddamnit

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